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Save Money by Using Argan Oil

Eliminate the need to purchase of all these different beauty products: 

Anti-Ageing Creams, Stretch Mark Oil/Cream, Spot Treatments, Hair Repair Conditioner, Frizzy Hair Repair Serum, Scar Repair Oil, Psoriasis/Eczema Cream, Lip Balm, Brittle Nail Varnishes

When one product has amazing effects on all these problems... Simply Argan Oil!

Latest Testimonial

"Have bought the set of Argan oil over christmas period and the results have been amazing dry patches on face that I had been trying to get rid of for ages went after just one night with Argan oil and bonus whole face plumped and lines reduced just amazing and also hair shinny so soft and looking in the best condition in years and smelling completely gorgous ,, this range is going to be in my daily routine from now on as it really does deliver all the results it claims to have never been so pleased with a product before and have purchased 4 sets now thats how pleased thankyou so much Argan. Mandy Brown"

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Argan Oil Testimonials 

Please see below some of the most recent feedback we have received from our customers. 

Olympic Swimmer Jemma Lowe Recommends Simply Argan

“As an Olympic swimmer my training regime takes quite a toll on my hair and skin. I have found Simply Argan’s products to be a godsend. I use them daily and they have kept my skin and hair healthy and invigorated. I would thoroughly recommend Simply Argan’s products.”                                     

Jemma Lowe, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and training towards 2016 Rio Olympics, Team GB Swimmer. 

 "I just want to thank you for the amazing product I have reviewed. I've tried all the medical options to treat my acne. I've had steroid cream and I've tried all the products to fade marks. At first I thought it would be a product for women when I first heard about it. But I was desperate and wow after the first application I saw results. My skin was softer and lighter. And after 2 weeks the marks started to fade and now I'm in my 3rd month and I have clean and clear skin with only a handful of marks that are also disappearing. I haven't had a break out since January!!! I'm recommending this miracle to everyone I know. I love Argan oil!!!! Thanks again!! :D" Milton via Email

Al Bjørnstad posted on Argan oil's Facebook timeline "The first time I bought Simply Argan was last September. I did not expect a miracle. I live in a country where winter is hard and long ( 6 months). I have a very dry skin and have tried a lot of products that were good but I wanted to use natural products on my skin. I thought that it will take time for my dry skin to improve. I notice the change in my skin after a week. I also encouraged my husband to use it as he is suffering from psoriasis. After 3 months use of Argan oil, his psoriasis is almost gone. He told me that it is the only one I let him use that actually helped. I would also want to thank your customer service agent who was very helpful when I called this afternoon regarding my order last January. I am satisfied both with the product and the service. Thank you!!!! "

"Have bought the set of Argan oil over christmas period and the results have been amazing dry patches on face that I had been trying to get rid of for ages went after just one night with Argan oil and bonus whole face plumped and lines reduced just amazing and also hair shinny so soft and looking in the best condition in years and smelling completely gorgous ,, this range is going to be in my daily routine from now on as it really does deliver all the results it claims to have never been so pleased with a product before and have purchased 4 sets now thats how pleased thankyou so much Argan ." Mandy Brown - Via facebook

"Many thanks for my recent order kindly received on Tuesday. Elaine is absolutely elated and has asked me to thank you personally. She has said your Argan Oil is so much better than others she has tried in the past, she is also impressed with the hair oil. Now Elaine is an ‘expert’ when it comes to beauty products – what she has not tried is not worth buying! However she sticks with what she feels works. Needless to say any future orders for such products will be placed with yourselves. Thanks again"  (A customer bought our Simply Argan Oil for his wife as a birthday present)

"I bought my first Cosmetic Argon Oil in Morocco a couple of years ago and soon became hooked. I now but from Simply Argan - it really is fantastic. I no longer need the expensive creams I used to buy! Works well under my Bare Minerals make up (without a moisturiser in the winter) but sometimes use an extra moisturiser with SPF in the summer, if needed. You will be hooked once you try it!"  Janet Worsley - Via Facebook

"I bought 2 bottles its fantastic the wrinkles round my eyes are going .i have very long curly hair i rub a bit into the ends when wet and get really great results its also great after waxing or plucking takes the redness away so many things you can use it for my hubby loves it too rubs it into his face night and morning try it ita a one bottle does everything must have"

"I ordered the oil because I have ezcma on my hands. Being a chef, my hands are wet a lot and come into contact with a lot of harsh washing up chemicals. My hands were dry, cracked and peeling. I have used the Argan Oil for only a few days and my hands are nearly completely cleared up. Amazing stuff. Thanks very much"

"Wonderful oil. I've had a rash on my arm for a couple of weeks. Applied the oil and in the morning rash was hardly visable. I'm now using it all over for hair, face & body. I've known about argan oil and used lesser quaility oil but your oil just feels different, soaks in, nothing greasy. Love it."

"I received my first bottle of Argan Oil on Saturday 21.4.12 . I just can't believe that the awful red thread veins on my face, which I have had for several years, have almost disappeared after 3 days of using your wonderful product. Thank you so much for making me happy again!"

"I have been using this on my hair every night since it came in the Amarya box and this is the result! So much more shiny and fuller :)

I love it :D" 

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"Brought 2 bottles of Argan Oil last week, one for a friend's birthday. I used my Friday Night and Saturday morning I saw distinct progress, the under eye bags had gone and the few wrinkles I had by my mouth have now gone after just 2 days and nights of using Argan. Fantastic, never seen anything work so quickly and effectively and I have tried everything short of surgery!"

"I've been a fan of yours for only a short time but I am hooked!! I received a hamper of treats as a gift (i recently had twin girls) with goodies for me and the babies. Amongst them was your brilliant 'Simply Argan' Oil. I'm so pleased to have found this as it is truly something else! I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin that reacts badly to many products, even organic at times. Your Argan Oil is so totally hydrating and soothing, perfectly gentle and it is providing me with really great results after just a week or so of substituting it for my usual moisturiser. My skin feels less sore, it is less red and less rough/chapped; i can actually feel the increased elasticity and it is so much more comfortable. It was so gently effective on my skin that it sparked a little inspiration and I recently tried it on my daughter's skin too. The girls get very dry skin patches in the creases of their neck, behind their knees and in random patches on their legs too. I have been using just a couple of drops of your oil in their bath and the results have been just brilliant - the dry rough patches are significantly less and like my own, their skin is more supple, calmer and less of an irritation. In short, this oil is just working beautifully for me and my children - nothing we've tried previously has been as effective at calming our skin so gently and it's really such great news for us"

"fantastic, been using the last 2 weeks on the Rosacea on my face, what a difference its almost gone and my face feels so much better."

"I have only just received my first bottle of Argan oil two days ago. Instantly From the first use I could feel the difference it made to my face and hands. I have suffered periods of very dehydrated facial skin since suffering a bereavement last year. I have Been using 100% Almond oil which has helped a lot in improving the skin. Argan oil seems to make the skin feel softer immediately and I love the way it smells and feels whilst sinking into the skin. I just ordered 4 bottles for my two daughters, aged 21 & 26' and my sister who has always suffered from exzema."

"this oil is lovely and light, not at all like an oil, i am using it daily for my daughters skin which i extremely dry. and on my hands which show signs of ageing, much more than my face. alrady my hands look smoother so i will continue using this oil and see if there are lasting results at the end of it. This came within two days of ordering, and was thru the letterbox so didnt need to wait in to sign for it.excellent service.thank you."

"Nicely packaged and the bottle was much bigger than expected! Nice surprise. So far, so good. Applied before bed and have to say my skin feels deliciously smooth this morning but, as I say early days. The web side was intuitive and easy to use with the required amount of product information. Not overloaded with images so loads quickly. I would give the whole experience a 10/10. Would definitely use again and recommend."

"Hello Simply Argon, after being recommended using pure argan. Your site is the best by far and the oil is true to its word. I use it daily on my face, hair and nails and my partner uses it on his psoriasis where there is a significant change in a matter of days."

"I am very pleased with the oil : I like the slight scent & I like the way it sinks into the skin , unlike Bio-oil which I have been using."

" Very quick delivery as indicated in the web. Product well wrapped and nicely presented. I would point out that it has worked incredibly well on the palms of my hands where the surface of the dermis had been deeply peeled off. After five days of using Argan oil my hands are nearly 100% recovered. I am very pleased with this. Thank you."

"... thought it was a very good site I must commend your company on the efficient and speedy delivery of the goods which I ordered."

"Hi, Thanks for a wonderful product, I am so glad I found you."

"I found your web site very easy to use, the product arrived this morning and looks really good value for money."

"I did a Google search and looked at a number of Argan oil websites, and yours looked the most professional, very, very slick in fact. However, most importantly for me, you specified that your argan oil was certified by a UK laboratory and that took some of the worry off."

"I am very happy indeed with your oil. I've just received the product today. I haven't tried the product before but I heard it's amazing so I look for it on google and I found your website."

" am pleased with the advice I have received."

"Hello , I read an article on a website and then located you via Google. I have started using Argan Oil and am looking forward to seeing my skin improve."

"I am very happy with the product, thanks. "

"Really impressed with speed of delivery and packaging. I am very happy with my Argan oil. Argan oil arrived – it is lovely. Thank you."

"There were other suppliers of Argan Oil but I thought yours sounded the purest!!! Am really pleased with the product. "

"I am very happy with my purchase of Argan oil "

"Hello there,I have received my purchase this morning. I thought that your site was easy with clear details and good information, hence making my first purchase. I'm looking forward to using it tonight, and hoping for marvellous results !!"

" I am very happy with the oil I use it on my face and hands and it feels good. Thankyou and it was a pleasure doing business with you. "

"Very pleased with my purchase your service has been very good, fast delivey, and would definitely use you again. "

"I have just returned from a trip to Morocco where I discovered Argan oil and I was interested to find out whether it was available in the UK. "

"I have bought this product for my daughter( aged 38) who has eczema so will let you know how she finds it. I must say I was impressed by the prompt delivery. "

"Fantastic product. Love it. Delighted I read your article in the Telegraph "

" it was simple to order and dispatched very quickly, Thanx"

" I have used the product for 2 days now putting on my face before I go to bed and my face already feels softer and appearance replenished [?], I think I will definitely be ordering more."

"I found your website very informative compared to others and easy to use and hope to be visiting you again soon- thank you. "

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